"What Alex does so well is capture those crazy, raw, unguarded moments of pure love."

My approach is simple: I'm a storyteller. I'm intentional about getting to know my clients deeply so that I can tell their stories better. I'm most interested in exposing the beautiful light of the real, deep moments and emotions that clients experience in the moments that they’ve invited,e into.

Along with capturing narrative as your story unfolds, I also love creating art along the way.

I capture the details but don’t sweat the small stuff. As a unique team that that has been working with me for years (and loving it!), we’re here to be your entourage on the wedding day!

What They Say


Jennifer & Jonathan

My partner and I came to Alex to hire him to take photos before our big event as the last few photographers we went to were just not up to the task. We sadly had already spent a few thousand and came to Alex through a friend’s recommendation for the work he did for them. The first thing that comes to mind when dealing with Alex is how he immediately makes you feel comfortable and at home. There is zero ego or any drama in his demeanor and he is there to ensure you have the best “out-of-body” full on experience possible. The photos he took of us were the best we have ever had and I would gladly go to him for anything that I would ever need professionally or even a fun self-portrait. I do not typically write reviews for anything but I have to say that Alex by far provided to my partner and I something we will never forget and now we have the photos to ensure we do not. Thank you Alex!


What They Say


Jaime & Michael

I cannot possibly endorse Alex more. His professionalism and attention to detail are meticulous. Whenever we reached out to him he responded promptly and delivered all of our images on schedule. The most important thing in any photographer- and a quality that Alex has in abundance- is his artistic eye. The coloring, lighting and art direction were incredibly well developed. Top notch from start to finish.


Frequently Asked Questions


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